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Childhood in the collection of agnès b.–Journal at La Fab.


In Agnes B.’s collection, it’s old photos with parents, summer vacations that never get boring, an endless imagination piled with colorful Lego, vivid imagination on drawing paper, trotting footsteps on the Alice Bunny trail, or maybe the memory of the back that blocked the light, the dirty doll that got hurt…

Take a ride in the time machine and reminisce about our youth through these photographs, paintings, collages, sculptural ornaments and videos!


Florence Chevalier, Sans titre, de la série《Des journées Entière》,2000

While on holiday, this father unexpectedly took a special photo! His son Ulysse is playing with Lego blocks to develop his intelligence and create his own little building.

In the photo, his right leg is perfectly hidden behind the blocks, and the boy is one with his creations, happily framing this colourful summer day.

More than twenty years later, guess what Ulysses is doing today? That’s it, he’s an accomplished architect!

Your Excellency, I presume, is none other than Mr. Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland?

Katsuhiko Hibino

Toddlers, little feet, step by step!

  I can’t imagine anything more pure than a child’s wish, more sincere than a child’s prayer.

Reen Barrera spent his childhood without many toys and considers himself a “toy-deprived child.”

When he grew up and finally achieved “toy freedom! ” he began to use this medium to create his own art.

It is often said that “it’s all written on your face,” and this is what inspired Reen to create his dolls, whose faces are always richly colored, representing the different circumstances of each person’s life and their inner world.

Yes, we are all unique children in this world!

It’s possible to argue with siblings over trivial matters…

Hush. Turning heads and whispering together again, they giggled softly…


Olivier Beer chose an excerpt from the 1938 version of Snow White: She sings “One day my prince will come” and prepares a pie for Grumpy with the help of the animals.

The artist cut the video, extracting each image individually and printing it on A4 paper, then sent them, along with tracing paper and instructions, to 500 different children in schools in southeast France. The children were able to reinterpret and re-imagine the images without changing their form. The artist then printed each of these images on 16mm film and reprojected the film, thus gathering the whims of these 500 children.

The result is a stunningly effective animation, quite childlike in its movements, shapes and rhythms of an original Disney masterpiece.


Martin Parr

In the world of childhood, tears can be cured by a donut and cold winds can be stopped by a cup of hot chocolate.

The Little Prince says, All great people were children first, but few remember.

Come to the Fab. and find some fragments of your childhood memories, which could be our brightest treasures.

La Fab.

6, place Jean Michel Basquiat Paris 13

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