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A2Z Gallery – Etsu Egami The secret of Venus

On June 30, I was lucky to be invited to the A2Z Gallery event. I was very happy and delighted, thanks to WHYART‘s invitation, and took a 40 minute drive to get to the front of the A2Z gallery.

It looks a bit ordinary on the outside and with a sense of age, but don’t worry, there is something else inside.

The gallery is divided into three floors, the first and second are the gallery’s exhibition spaces where visitors can see the artworks on display, and the third is the event space.

The decor is very modern, with snow-white walls and a large painting in the center, so nothing else interrupts the viewer’s attention or the mood of the painting, and an occasional mirror adds to the feeling of space and comfort inside the gallery.

a2k gallery

Etsu Egami - The secret of Venus

At the moment, the gallery is organizing an exhibition for the artist Etsu Egami – The Secret of Venus, from June 9 to mid-July.

The gallery staff told me that she is a very talented female artist.

Her work is a reflection of her environment and experiences, with misunderstandings and contradictions that began at birth, growing up and studying, becoming the raw material for her work.

She confronts these misunderstandings and depicts them in her art.

The strokes of the painting are very firm, the technique is unconventional, using Western oil paints to bring out the strength of Chinese landscape painting, and the work is a blend of Asian and Western cultures.

The work features both Chinese figures, such as the imposing Monkey King, and samurai figures that demonstrate the firmness of the Japanese Bushido spirit, and figures from Western paintings, such as a noblewoman in a reclining chair with two disciples standing behind her.

From the richness of the above painted objects, one can feel the diverse life experiences and rich spiritual and cultural experiences of Etsu Egami.

I asked a few people who work in the art industry at the gallery, and everyone particularly liked this work:.

This is the secret of Venus.

Q: Why do you like this work?

A: Because it is the Venus in Willendorf over 3,000 years ago, and it shows you that beauty can be defined in different ways, for example, in ancient China, in the Tang Dynasty, when Yang Guifei was fat, which makes it easier to be the opposite of white, beautiful and thin in modern China. There is no confinement to a particular shape.

“Yes, yes, right, right” was my vague response. It wasn’t until I got home and looked at the Venus of 3,000 years ago that I understood: indeed, compared to 3,000 years ago, it is a very beautiful work, a kind of misty “beauty,” so to speak.

It is like a work of art that has been transported from 3,000 years ago to the present day, but it is also a contemporary artist who has given this work of art misunderstandings and contradictions from her own experience.

Etsu Egami - Venus' Secret

Haha, forgive my shallow talent, I thought Etsu Egami drew a heart 🫀 on a drawing board without knowing such a grand background for the artwork. I have to say that it still looks very similar and I later associated it with a grenade.

But when you compare them, it’s pretty similar, and this Secret of Venus is probably a big bomb for the art world!

Etsu Egami - Venus' Secret

If you are interested in art or are in the art world, what do you think?

Feel free to leave comments below the article so we can discuss the art further and of course the editor will learn from your perspective.


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