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8 things you can do for free in touristy Paris, how many have you done?

1. Enjoy stunning views

Looking for a lesser-known rooftop from which to view Paris beneath your feet? Then head to the terrace of Galeries Lafayette, which offers a view of some of the most beautiful sights and places in the French capital, including the Opera Garnier, the Eiffel Tower and Montmartre. Come to the shop’s roof terrace and you’ll find yourself in seventh heaven.

paris opear view

2. Get some fresh air

Running is the sport of choice in Paris these days. Everyone seems to be taking up this sport, so why not you? One of the top locations for runners is the Jardin du Luxembourg. It’s an enchanting setting and every time you stop for a break you can admire the sculptures in various parts of the gardens. It’s a great – and free – way to combine exercise and art appreciation.

3. Cruising along the canal

Riding along the canals of Paris is another great way to explore the city. And now there is a free way to experience a short trip on the canal. Le Millénaire, the shopping centre in the town of Aubervilliers (93), has opened a free boat service on the Canal Saint-Denis from Corentin-Cariou metro station (line 7) to the shopping centre. Click here to jump on board!

4. Quench your thirst

Feeling thirsty? In Paris, you don’t need to pay to get yourself a sip of water. The capital has more than 200 public drinking fountains offering safe drinking water, including the Wallace Fountain, an iconic part of the Parisian landscape.
If you prefer sparkling water to white water, Paris even has public fountains offering carbonated water in nine locations, including the fountains in the Jardin de la Nerague (No. 16) and Nelson Mandela (No. 1).

5. Embark on a trip to the Seine

By the Seine

If you’ve always wanted to sail along the Seine, you can make your wish come true for free on your birthday. vedettes de Paris will offer you a free cruise + champagne (a glass of champagne or a glass of wine or spirits) or + Gourmand (sweet pancakes or muffins + soft drinks) to celebrate your special day. Give yourself a birthday treat !

6. Indulge your ears

paris music rock live

If you love music, you can go to the wealth of local musical events, whether classical, pop or rock, you can always find free live houses in Paris to please your ears.
With the Follow Paris community, it’s easy to find them, so come and listen!

7. Attend a free movie session

In Paris and the Île-de-France region, lovers of the seventh art can enjoy free open-air cinema screenings during the summer months.
Every summer, usually from the end of July to the end of August, lovers of the big screen meet at nightfall in the Parc de la Villette. From Wednesday to Sunday, the Villette open-air cinema shows a film every evening. Each edition has a theme.

8. Surrounded by art & romance

Artist in paris montmartre

Paris is not only known for the Tower and the Louvre, but also for the fact that “art and literature come from life and are above it”. Walking the streets of Paris, clothes, architecture and music are all sources of inspiration for Parisian art.
There are countless art exhibitions throughout the year, and if you love art, you can’t miss them at the Pompidou, the museums, the Louvre and the Paris Town Hall.
We offer you a wide range of free information about these exhibitions and events, here. Immerse yourself in art and romance!

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